Bahá'í Faith
Escondido Community
19 Day Feast:

Each Bahá'í community holds a Nineteen Day Feast on the first day of each Bahá'í
month. The Feast has spiritual, administrative and social functions and is the principal
gathering of Bahá'ís of a particular locality. Because the Bahá'í day lasts from sunset
to sunset, the Nineteen Day Feast is generally held in the evening on the day before
the first day of the Baha’i month according to the Gregorian calendar.

Devotional Programs:   

The regular gathering together of individuals in a locality for prayer and worship is an
essential practice of the spiritual health and well- being of a community

Children’s Classes:  

The provision of education for children in a locality, often focusing on the
development of essential capacities and a strong moral framework that assists
children to achieve excellence in material, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of life.

Junior Youth Groups:  

A group made up of young people between the ages of 11-14 who gather together
regularly to learn how to serve their communities, develop their powers of
expression and sharpen their capacity to understand the moral implications of their
thoughts and actions. They do all of this with the help of an animator (an older youth
who acts as a peer and facilitator).

Study Circles:  

A delivery system for courses, consisting of small groups of people, regardless of
their ideas or beliefs, meeting on a regular basis in a locality with a trained tutor or
facilitator. Materials developed by the Ruhi Institute are studied and active
participation in a learning process is engendered, supplemented by artistic, service
and social activities.
Core Activities That Take Place In Every Bahá'í Community:
"Consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit
of friendliness & fellowship."